Breaking the Glass of the Past


“I tell you the past is a bucket of ashes, so live not in your yesterdays…”

– Carl Sandburg

Why create a site with images of broken glass? Well, it’s simple. To me, broken glass is synonymous with moving forward. You see, I still struggle with backward perception. I’m learning to let go of this horrible habit. Yet, allegorically, I sometimes try to drive my life car while looking in the rear-view mirror. Even though I know I will crash if I don’t look forward, I can’t break the habit of scanning that shiny mirror to see what’s behind me. The only way for me to close the door to the past is to break the glass.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe we should learn from our past mistakes and failures. Pain shouldn’t be wasted. And, I’m not advocating that we forget where we’ve been. But, when our negative experiences cast shadow over our present joy, we have some work to do within.

Rear-view mirrors can show up in unexpected places. Maybe you don’t trust a certain type of person because of a past trauma. Or, maybe you don’t believe you are capable of being loved because you were betrayed by those closest to you. Maybe you have created self-protection modes that worked to preserve you during past difficulties, but now hamper you in your present life. Maybe you’re simply afraid to try anything hard again, because a dream-crushing failure hurt so deeply you can’t bring yourself to face another pain possibility. Maybe you’ve given up hope because you don’t think it’s worth having, and it’s easier not to expect anything but the worst. Maybe you’ve become so tired of feeling, that you’ve just stopped… and let your heart grow hard. Maybe, like me, you have struggled with depression without admitting it out loud…

If so, then join me… I’m not a licensed therapist, just a fellow life seeker who hasn’t had an easy road. I will rely on my faith, my own past failure, and my road from darkness to light to bring others a whisper of hope. My goal in this blog is to lift you up, even in your darkest moments. It’s my way of paying it forward for those who took the time to help me once. Now that I finally feel sunlight on my face again, my goal is to help others reach their highest personal potential. And, you can’t do that while still living in past pain.

Ready to grab that hammer and break some glass with me? If so, I want to hear from you! What are some areas that you want to learn to leave in the past?

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