Pediatric Practice Ophthalmology
Au'tarkeia, or the Art of Divine Contentment. by Thomas Watson Pastour of Stephens Walbrook, Lond (1668)
The Golden Grove a Choice Manual, Containing What Is to Be Believed, Practised and Desired or Prayed For; The Prayers Being Fitted to the Several Days of the Week. (1690)
A Coale from the Altar. or an Ansvver to a Letter Not Long Since Written to the Vicar of Gr. Against the Placing of the Communion Table at the East End of the Chancell (1636)
Outlines of Jurisprudence for the Use of Students.
The Philosophy of Fire Insurance: Being a Compilation of the Writings of A.F. Dean. Volume 3 of 3
Soft Computing Methods in Human Sciences
Advances in Bayesian Networks
Fuzzy Semigroups
The Philosophy of Fire Insurance: Being a Compilation of the Writings of A.F. Dean. Volume 2 of 3
The Golden Grove a Choice Manual: Containing What Is to Be Believed, Practised and Desired or Prayed For; The Prayers Being Fitted to the Several Days of the Week. (1699)
The Comic Blackstone of Punch : With Illustrations by Cruikshank.
The Works of Charles Sumner. Volume 4 of 15
A Practical Treatise on the Law of Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes, Bank-Notes, Bankers' Cash-Notes, and Checks.
The Works of Charles Sumner. Volume 15 of 15
Divorce and Divorce Legislation: Especially in the United States.
Woman's Rights Under the Law: In Three Lectures, Delivered in Boston, January, 1861.
A Letter to the Queen on a Late Court Martial.
A Thanksgiving Sermon for the Deliverance of Our King from the Late Intended Assassination of His Sacred Person and of the Kingdom from the French Invasion Preached by Francis Gregory. (1696)
Recent and Future Law Reforms: Judicial Procedure, a Single and Inductive Science.
Christian Supports Under the Terrours of Death (1691)
Check, Or, Inquiry Into the Late Act of the Roman Inquisition Busily and Pressingly Disperst Over All England by the Jesuits. (1662)
Assessing Quality of Life and Living Conditions to Guide National Policy: The State of the Art
Revisiting the Foundations of Relativistic Physics: Festschrift in Honor of John Stachel
Travels of Learning: A Geography of Science in Europe
The Reality of the Unobservable: Observability, Unobservability and Their Impact on the Issue of Scientific Realism
Science, Technology, and the Art of Medicine: European-American Dialogues
A Satyre Dedicated to His Most Excellent Maiestie. by George Vvither, Gentleman. (1615)
A Plaine and Familiar Exposition of the Ten Commandements with a Methodicall Short Catechisme, Containing Briefly the Principall Grounds of Christian Religion. (1628)
A Summons for Sleepers Wherein Most Grieuous and Notorious Offenders Are Cited to Bring Forth True Frutes of Repentance, Before the Day of the Lord Now at Hand. (1589)
The Faithful Register; Or, the Debates of the House of Commons in Four Several Parliaments Viz. 1. That Held at Westminster, Octob. 21. 1680. 2. That Held at Oxford, March 21, 1680. (1689)
The Miseries of Inforst Marriage Playd by His Majesties Servants. by George Wilkins. (1637)
Modern Policies Taken from Machiavel, Borgia, and Other Choise Authors, by an Eye-Witness. (1657)
Modern Policies, Taken from Machiavel, Borgia, and Other Choice Authors, by an Eye-Witnesse (1654)
Illustrative Cases in Realty. Volume 2 of 2
The Law of the Suspension of the Power of Alienation in the State of New York.
The Life of Henry Fielding: With Notices of His Writings, His Times, and His Contemporaries.
The Law Relating to Bills of Lading.
Contracts of Local Authorities: Being the Law Relating to Contracts Entered Into by Boards of Guardians ....
Farm Valuations and the Agricultural Holdings ACT, 1908, in Two Parts.
Law of Contract.
A Treatise on the Law of Landlord and Tenant: To Which Is Added an Appendix of Precedents.
Brief on the Legal Aspects of Systematic Compensation for Industrial Accidents.
A Practical Treatise on Conveyancing: Comprising a Digest of the Laws of Real Property. Volume 2 of 2
Liberty of Contract Under the Police Power: A Paper Read Before the American Bar Association at Its Fourteenth Annual Meeting in Boston, Aug. 26th, 1891.
Can Remainders Be Too Remote?.
A New Almanacke [and] Prognostication, for the Yeare of Our Lorde God. 1569. Practised in Salesbury, Neare to the Close Gate by Maister Henry Lovv ... (1569)
Monumenta Emblematum Christianorum Virtutum Tum Politicarum, Tum Oeconomicarum Chorum Centuria Una Adumbrantia. Rhythmis Gallicis Elegantissimis Prim M Conscripta, Figuris Aenis Incisa (1619)
The Land Laws.
Investigations in Algebraic Theory of Combinatorial Objects
An Essay Concerning Sociocultural Evolution: Theoretical Principles and Mathematical Models
Plant Production in Closed Ecosystems: The International Symposium on Plant Production in Closed Ecosystems held in Narita, Japan, August 26-29, 1996
Green Manure/Cover Crop Systems of Smallholder Farmers: Experiences from Tropical and Subtropical Regions
Post-harvest Tobacco Infestation Control
Biochemistry and Physiology of Anaerobic Bacteria
Mad Cow Disease and Related Spongiform Encephalopathies
Rooted Landscapes the Art of Rini Dhumal
Linearity, Symmetry, and Prediction in the Hydrogen Atom
High-Resolution Imaging and Spectrometry of Materials
Optics of Semiconductors and Their Nanostructures
Optical Interference Coatings
Triall of Conscience in a Quotidian Exercise Written by Tho. Riley. (1639)
Epithetorum Ioann. Rauisii Textoris Epitome Ex Hadr. Iunii Medici Recognitione; Accesserunt Eiusdem Rauisij Synonyma Poetica, Multo Quam Prius, Locupletiora. (1579)
The Law of Friendly Societies and Industrial and Provident Societies: With the Acts, Observations Thereon, Forms of Rules, Etc., Reports of Leading Cases at Length, and a Copious Index.
Littletons Tenures in English Lately Perused and Amended. (1616)
Elementary View of the Proceedings in an Action in the Supreme Court: Founded on Smith's Action at Law.
The Honestie of This Age Proving by Good Circumstances, That the World Was Neuer Honest Till Now / By Barnabe Rych ... (1616)
The Psalmes of David in Meeter According as They Are Sung in the Kirk of Scotland. (1639)
Pessimism: A Lecture.
Four Years Behind the Bars of Bloomingdale, Or, the Bankruptcy of Law in New York.
A Digest of the Law Relative to Pleading and Evidence in Actions Real, Personal and Mixed: With Notes by a Member of the New-York Bar.
Voluntary Approaches in Environmental Policy
The Law of Municipal Bonds.
Flavour and Fragrance Chemistry
Fred Hoyle's Universe: Proceedings of a Conference Celebrating Fred Hoyle's Extraordinary Contributions to Science 25-26 June 2002 Cardiff University, United Kingdom
The Hauptvermutung Book: A Collection of Papers on the Topology of Manifolds
Axiomatic Bargaining Game Theory
Trade and the Environment in General Equilibrium: Evidence from Developing Economies
Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Assessment: A Guidebook
Many Rational Points: Coding Theory and Algebraic Geometry
Eco-Management Accounting: Based upon the ECOMAC research projects sponsored by the EU's Environment and Climate Programme (DG XII, Human Dimension of Environmental Change)
Metaphors: Figures of the Mind
Brain Imaging in Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Neuroscience
Higher Education and Economic Growth
Emergent Evolution: Qualitative Novelty and the Levels of Reality
Environmental Economics and the International Economy
Hic Incipit Paruus Catho (1477)
Economics As Discourse: An Analysis of the Language of Economists
Electron-Beam Interactions with Solids: Application of the Monte Carlo Method to Electron Scattering Problems
A New Spring of Divine Poetrie. I. Day. Philomusus Composuit - Inest Sua Gratia Parvis (1637)
A Sermon Preached at Vvhite-Hall, on the 28. of April, 1622. by Walter Curll, D. in Diuinity and Deane of Lichfield. Published by Speciall Command (1622)
A Sermon Preached Before the Queenes Maiesty at Richmond The. 6. of March Last Past. by the Reuerend Father in God the Bishop of Chichester (1575)
A Short Introduction of Grammar Generallie to Be Vsed. Compiled and Set Forth, for the Bringing VP of All Those That Intend to Attaine the Knovvledge of the Latine Tongue. Cum Priuilegio. (1557)
1579. an Almanacke, and Prognostication, Made for the Yeere of Our Lorde God. 1579 Referred to the Meridian of the Citie of Chester. by Alexander Mounslowe. (1579)
An Address to Students of Law in the United States.
Federal Practice in Contempt Proceedings for Violation of Injunctions
A Treatise on the Law of Mortgages.
Analytic and Elementary Number Theory: A Tribute to Mathematical Legend Paul Erdos
Illustrative Cases in Realty. Volume 1 of 2
The Legal Degrees of Marriage: Stated and Considered, in a Series of Letters to a Friend: With an Appendix, Containing Letters from Several Divines, and Others.
The FitzHugh-Nagumo Model: Bifurcation and Dynamics
Iowa Pleading and Practice, Law and Equity: With Forms. Volume 1 of 3
The Good Life as a Public Good
A Treatise on Equity Practice in Pennsylvania. Volume 2 of 2
Selected Cases on the Law of Negotiable Instruments.
The Law Applicable to Strikes.
On the Laws of Artistic Copyright and Their Defects: For the Use of Artists, Sculptors, Engravers, Printsellers, Etc.
Chadman's Cyclopedia of Law. Volume 7 of 12
The Economic Dynamics of Fuel Cell Technologies
ROMANSY 16: Robot Design, Dynamics and Control
A Collection of Forms of Practice and Pleading: In Actions, Whether for Legal or Equitable Relief, and in Special Proceedings ... Volume 1 of 2
Cooperative Game Theory and Applications: Cooperative Games Arising from Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Ideas for the Future of the International Monetary System
Modern Placement Techniques
Risk and Return in Transportation and Other US and Global Industries
Arrovian Aggregation Models
The Blue Laser Diode: The Complete Story
Beliefs and Decision Rules in Public Good Games: Theory and Experiments
Madagascar with Other Poems. by W. Davenant. (1638)
A Companion to American Urban History
Will of Thomas Wentworth Peirce
A Funerall Sermon Preached the XXVI. Day of Nouember in the Yeare of Our Lord M.D.LXXVI. in the Parishe Church of Caermerthyn, by the Reuerende Father in God (1577)
An Abridgment of the Law of Nisi Prius: With Notes and References to the Decisions of the Courts of This Country by Henry Wheaton. Volume 2 of 2
The Duties and Liabilities of Sheriffs: In Their Various Relations to the Public and to Individuals: As Governed by the Principles of Common Law and Regulated by the Statutes of New York.
The Replie of Iohn Darrell, to the Answer of Iohn Deacon, and Iohn Walker, Concerning the Doctrine of the Possession and Dispossession of Demoniakes (1602)
Foreign and Domestic Law: A Concise Treatise on Private International Law Based on the Decisions in the English Courts.
The Institutional Basis of Higher Education Research: Experiences and Perspectives
Asteroseismology Across the HR Diagram: Proceedings of the Asteroseismology Workshop Porto, Portugal 1-5 July 2002
Societal Adaptation to Climate Variability and Change
Biotechnology for the Environment: Wastewater Treatment and Modeling, Waste Gas Handling
Life and Confessions of Thomas D. Carr: Who Was Hung at St. Clairsville, Ohio, Thursday, March 24, 1870, for the Murder of Louisa C. Fox ...; And the Perpetrator of Fourteen Cold-Blooded Murders ...
The Rise and Progress of the English Constitution: The Treatise of J.L. de Lolme, LL. D.: With an Historical and Legal Introduction, and Notes. Volume 2 of 2
The History of Law of Tenures of Land in England and Ireland: With Particular Reference to Inheritable Tenancy, Leasehold Tenure, Tenancy at Will, and Tenant Right.
A Biographical Sketch of Roger Minott Sherman, the Eminent Connecticut Jurist, 1773-1845.
A Collection of Such Orders and Conditions, as Are to Be Obserued by the Vndertakers, Vpon the Distribution and Plantation of the Eschaeted Lands in Vlster (1608)
A Compendium of Mercantile Law. Volume 2 of 2
The Disloyalty of Socialism: Annual Address Before the Iowa State Bar Association at Des Moines, Iowa, June 28, 1918.
A Short Response to a Long Discourse: An Answer to Mr. James C. Carter's Pamphlet on the Proposed Codification of Our Common Law.
Observations on the Law of Population: Being an Attempt to Trace Its Effects from the Conflicting Theories of Malthus and Sadler / By the Author of Reflections on the Present State of British India.
A Discussion of the Constitutionality of the Anti-Trust Act of 1890: As Interpreted by the United States Supreme Court in the Case of the Trans-Missouri Traffic Association.
A Treatise on the Law Relative to Sales of Personal Property.
Legal Doctrine and Social Progress.
Outlines of Evidence.
The Law Relating to the Reconstruction and Amalgamation of Joint Stock Companies: Together with Forms and Precedents.
Railway and Other Accidents with Relation to Injury and Disease of the Nervous System: A Book for Court Use.
West Virginia Corporations: How to Incorporate, Organize and Manage Them ...
Town and County Government in the English Colonies of North America.
Thou Fiers God of Armes, Mars the Rede (1477)
A Satyr Against Wooing with a View of the Ill Consequences That Attend It / Written by the Author of the Satyr Against Woman. (1698)
Instinctive Criminality: Its True Character and Rational Treatment.
The Prevention of Crime.
Government by Injunction.
Transportation Tariffs: A Discussion of the Proper Relative Rates on Short Hauls as Compared with Long Hauls.
The Marriage Law of Ireland: With an Introduction and Notes.
His Grace the Duke of Norfolk's Charge Against the Dutchess Before the House of Lords, and the Dutchesses Answer with the Depositions at Large of the Witnesses That Were Examined on Both Sides. (1692)
Treatise on Judicial Factors, Curators Bonis, and Managers of Burghs: With an Appendix of Relative Acts of Parliament and Sederunt, and Practical Forms.
The Law Relating to Real Estate Brokers: As Decided by the American Courts.
Tax Sales and Titles: And the Evidence of the Same, in Pennsylvania: With Forms to Be Found in the Appendix.
The Law and Practice of United States Naval Courts-Martial.
The Law of Parent and Child, Guardian and Ward, and the Rights, Duties, and Liabilities of Infants: With the Practice of the High Court of Justice in Relation Thereto.
First Steps in International Law: Prepared for the Use of Students.
Electronic Defect States in Alkali Halides: Effects of Interaction with Molecular Ions
Remote Sensing in Snow Hydrology: Runoff Modelling, Effect of Climate Change
Commentaries on the Law of Public Corporations, Including Municipal Corporations and Political or Governmental Corporations of Every Class. Volume 2 of 2
Los Angeles in Maps
The Popish Kingdome, or Reigne of Antichrist, Written in Latine Verse by Thomas Naogeorgus, and Englyshed by Barnabe Googe (1570)
Conspiracy as a Crime and as a Tort in English Law.
A Pleasant and Delightfull History, of Galesus Cymon and Iphigenia Describing the Ficklenesse of Fortune in Loue. Translated Out of Italian Into Englishe Verse, by T. C. Gent. (1565)
Principles of English Law: Founded on Blackstone's Commentaries.
The General Principles of the American Law of the Sale of Goods: In the Form of Rules with Comments and Illustrations, Containing Also the English Sale of Goods ACT
The Principles of Equity: Intended for the Use of Students and Practitioners.
A Treatise on the Law of the Employer's Liability Acts of New York, Massachusetts, Indiana, Alabama, Colorado, and England.
Analyzing Rational Crime - Models and Methods
Federal Equity Practice: A Treatise on the Pleadings Used and Practice Followed in Courts of the United States in the Exercise of Their Equity Jurisdiction. Volume 2 of 3
A Code of the Law of Actionable Defamation: With a Continuous Commentary and Appendices.
Technological Aspects of Virtual Organizations: Enabling the Intelligent Enterprise
Under the Counter and Over the Border: Aspects of the Contemporary Trade in Illicit Arms
Production Practices and Quality Assessment of Food Crops: Plant Mineral Nutrition and Pesticide Management
Leibniz on Individuals and Individuation: The Persistence of Premodern Ideas in Modern Philosophy
The Commentaries on the Laws of England of Sir William Blackstone / Adapted to the Present State of the Law by Robert Malcolm Kerr. Volume 3 of 4
The Doctrine of Public Policy in the Law of Contracts: Reduced to Rules.
An Expostulatory Letter to the Author of the Late Slanderous Libel Against Dr. O. with Some Short Reflections Thereon. (1671)
Epithalamia: Or Nuptiall Poems Vpon the Most Blessed and Happie Mariage Betweene the High and Mightie Prince Frederick the Fifth, Count Palatine of the Rhein, Duke of Bauier (1613)
Tom Tel-Troths Message, and His Pens Complaint a Worke Not Vnpleasant to Be Read, Nor Vnprofitable to Be Followed. Written by IO. La. Gent. (1600)
A Sermon Profitably Preached in the Church Within Her Maiesties Honourable Tower, Neere the Citie of London ... (1586)
A Sermon of the Nativity of Our Lord Preached Before the Queen Dowager in Her Chappel at Somerset-House on Christmas Day, 1686 / By Thomas Godden. (1686)
The Soules Solace, or Thirty and One Spirituall Emblems (1639)
Control of the Market: A Legal Solution of the Trust Problem.
The Importance of Actual Experience at the Bar as a Preparation for Law Teaching.
Declaratio Causarum, Quibus Serenissimae Maiestatis Angliae Classiarij Adducti, in Expeditione Su Lusitanensi, Quasdam Naues Frumento, Ali que Apparatu Bellico Ad Vsus Hispaniarum Regis (1589)
Defensio Verae Et Catholicae Doctrinae de Sacramento Corporis Sanguinis Christi Seruatoris Nostri Et Quorundam in Hac Causa Errorum Confutatio, Uerbo Sanctissimo Domini Nixa Atque Fundata (1553)
Railroad Traffic and Rates. Volume 1 of 2
The Fourth Part of the Institutes of the Laws of England: Concerning the Jurisdiction of Courts.
Market Imperfections and Macroeconomic Dynamics
The Correspondence and Public Papers of John Jay / Edited by Henry P. Johnston. Volume 2 of 4
Governance of Water-Related Conflicts in Agriculture: New Directions in Agri-Environmental and Water Policies in the EU
Risk Management and the Environment: Agriculture in Perspective
Current Issues in the Economics of Water Resource Management: Theory, Applications and Policies
Game Equilibrium Models IV: Social and Political Interaction
The Law Relating to Trusts and Trustees.
The Parliament and Councils of England, Chronologically Arranged: From the Reign of William I. to the Revolution in 1688: Dedicated, by Permission, to Her Majesty.
The Rules of Evidence on Pleas of the Crown: Illustrated from Printed and Manuscript Trials and Cases.
The Law and Practice Relating to Patents and Designs: (Patents and Designs Acts, 1907-1908).
First Platform of International Law.
Interstate Transportation: A Treatise on the Federal Regulation of Interstate Transportation and Common Carriers Including Jurisdiction of the Interstate Commerce Commission. Volume 1 of 2
The Life and Correspondence of Philip Yorke, Earl of Hardwicke, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain. Volume 3 of 3
Politics of Literature
International Commercial Arbitration: An Asia-Pacific Perspective
The Law of Waste: A Treatise on the Rights and Liabilities Which Arise from the Relationship of Limited Owners and the Owners of the Inheritance with Reference to the Tenements.
Multiple Criteria Analysis in Strategic Siting Problems
Equilibrium Facility Location on Networks
Environmental Interactions of Clays: Clays and the Environment
Challenges for Central Banking
Design and Analysis of High Efficiency Line Drivers for xDSL
Mutual Funds: Fifty Years of Research Findings
Design of Energy-Efficient Application-Specific Instruction Set Processors
A Review of the Theory of the Earth and of Its Proofs, Especially in Reference to Scripture (1690)
Grammatica Rationis, Sive, Institutiones Logicae (1685)
Index Rhetoricus Et Oratorius, Scholis Institutioni Tenerioris Aetatis Accommodatus Cui Adjiciuntur Formulae Oratoriae, Et Index Poeticus. Opera Studio Thomae Farnabii. (1659)
Ten Sermons, Tending Chiefly to the Fitting of Men for the Worthy Receiving of the Lords Supper Wherein, Amongst Many Other Holy Instructions, the Doctrines of Sound Repentance and Humiliation (1661)
The Vanity of This Mortal Life, Or, of Man Considered Only in His Present Mortal State by J. Howe. (1678)
An Arrouu Against Idolatry Taken Out of the Quiuer of the Lord of Hosts / By Henry Ainsuuorth. (1640)
Taxidermy Vol.3 Fish - The Collection, Preparation, Casting and Mounting of Fish
Navigating the Research University: A Guide for First-Year Students
Perspective Made Easy - A Step-By-Step Method for Learning the Basis of Drawing
Primitive Christianity, Or, the Religion of the Ancient Christians in the First Ages of the Gospel in Three Parts / By William Cave. (1675)
Equipment for Sea Fishing - How to Choose or Make; Rods, Reels, Tackle, Hooks, Baits, Knots and Nets
Computer Simulation of Dynamic Phenomena
Meditations and Vovves, Diuine and Morall Seruing for Direction in Christian and Ciuill Practice. Newly Enlarged with Caracters of Vertues and Vices. by Ios. Hall. (1621)
The Parish: Its Powers and Obligations at Law, as Regards the Welfare of Every Neighbourhood, and in Relation to the State: Its Officers and Committees: And the Responsibility of Every Parishioner ...
The Law and Practice of Surrogates' Courts.
Modern Equity: Commentaries on Modern Equity Jurisprudence: As Determined by the Courts and Statutes of England and the Unites States. Volume 2 of 2
A Short Relation of the River Nile of Its Source and Curent: Of Its Overflowing the Campagnia of Egypt, Till It Runs Into the Mediterranean: And of Other Curiosities (1673)
A Comment Upon the Two Tales of Our Ancient, Renovvned, and Ever Living Poet Sr. Jeffray Chaucer, Knight ... the Miller's Tale, and the Wife of Bath (1665)
A Modern Essay on the Tenth Satyr of Juvenal by Henry Higden. (1687)
Grammatica Rationis, Sive, Institutiones Logicae (1675)
Autarkeia; Or, the Art of Divine Contentment. by Thomas Watson, Pastour of Stephens Walbrook, London (1668)
Rome Exactly Describ'd, as to the Present State of It, Under Pope Alexandre the Seventh in Two Curious Discourses / Written Originally in Italian, and Translated Into English. (1664)
Iesu Christi D. N. Nouum Testamentum Theodoro Beza Interprete. (1594)
Primitive Christianity, Or, the Religion of the Ancient Christians in the First Ages of the Gospel in Three Parts / By William Cave. (1676)
Dictionarium Historicum, Geographicum, Poeticum Gentium, Hominum, Deorum Gentilium, Regionum, Insularum, Locurum ... Antiqua Recentior que Ad Sacras (1686)
A Sure Guide to the French Tongue Teaching by a Most Easie Way, to Pronounce the French Naturally, to Reade It Perfectly, to Write It Truly, and to Speake It Readily (1635)
A Sound Moral Character the Basic Requirement of a Legal Career: An Address Delivered at the Commencement Exercises of the Albany Law School, June 6, 1923.
The Insular Cases.
Poeticall Blossomes (1636)
The Assyse of Breadde and Ale and Other Thynges, as Appereth on the Other Syde of the Leafe. (1550)
Applied Decision Analysis
Ad Serenissimum Britanniarum Principem Henricum, E Scotia Discendentem Propempticon (1603)
Elizabetheis. Siue de Pacatissimo Et Florentissimo Angliae Statu, Sub Faelicissimo Augustissimae Reginae Elizabetae Imperio. Liber Secundus. in Quo, Praeter Caetera (1589)
Systems Methodology in Social Science Research: Recent Developments
Studyguide for Accounting Principles: Volume 1, Chapter 1-12 by Weygandt, Jerry J., ISBN 9780470317556
Engineered Coasts
Constitutional Law of England.
The Great War on White Slavery, Or, Fighting for the Protection of Our Girls: Truthful and Chaste Account of the Hideous Trade of Buying and Selling Young Girls for Immoral Purposes ....
Hierarchically Structured Economies: Models with Bilateral Exchange Institutions
Benefiting from Thermal and Mechanical Simulation in Micro-Electronics
The Economics of Audit Quality: Private Incentives and the Regulation of Audit and Non-Audit Services
Industry Structure and Pricing: The New Rivalry in Infrastructure
Synthesis Techniques and Optimizations for Reconfigurable Systems
Asynchronous Pulse Logic
Personalist Economics: Moral Convictions, Economic Realities, and Social Action
Game-Theoretic Models of the Political Influence of Interest Groups
A Treatise on the Specific Performance of Contracts, Including Those of Public Companies.
A Treatise on the Law of Stoppage in Transitu: And Incidentally of Retention and Delivery.
A Treatise on Criminal Law: With an Exposition of the Office and Authority of Justices of the Peace in Virginia ...
Nemo Tenetur Seipsum Prodere
Epitome of the Law of Landed Property: With a Description of the Several Assurances by Deed and Will ...
The Ordinance of 1787 and Dr. Manasseh Cutler as an Agent in Its Formation.
Law Manual: Letters on Law and Politics: Addressed to the People of New Hampshire ...
Manual of Perioperative Care in Adult Cardiac Surgery
A Treatise on the Sherman Anti-Trust ACT / By W.W. Thornton.
The Autobiography of a Crook.
Baptistes, Siue Calumnia Tragoedia, Auctore Georgio Buchanano Scoto. (1577)
A Treatise on the Powers and Duties of Justices of the Peace in the State of Illinois: With Practical Forms.
The Codification of the Criminal Law by George Howell: Being a Paper.
Here Begynneth a Merry Ieste of a Shrewde and Curste Wyfe, Lapped in Morrelles Skin, for Her Good Behauyour (1580)
Dwight Method of Instruction Compared with the Case-Method
Poems with the Muses Looking-Glasse, and Amyntas. by Tho: Randolph M.A. and Late Fellow of Trinity Col. in Cambridge. (1643)
Regular and Irregular Thoughts in Poets and Orators with Directions How to Think and Write Well: Also, the Verdicts of the Learned Concerning Virgil and Homer's Heroick Poems. (1700)
A Treatise on the Law of Principal and Agent: And of Sales by Auction. Volume 2 of 2
Coalition Formation and Social Choice
Michael Oakeshott: Early Political Writings 1925-30: A discussion of some matters preliminary to the study of political philosophy' and 'The philosophical approach to politics
Designing Stress Resistant Organizations: Computational Theorizing and Crisis Applications
Connectionist Approaches in Economics and Management Sciences
Nanocrystalline Metals and Oxides: Selected Properties and Applications
Capital Markets, Globalization, and Economic Development
Smooth Four-Manifolds and Complex Surfaces
Perspectives in Operations Research: Papers in Honor of Saul Gass' 80th Birthday
Obtaining the best from Regulation and Competition
Nonlinear Filters: Estimation and Applications
Comparative Wood Anatomy: Systematic, Ecological, and Evolutionary Aspects of Dicotyledon Wood
Mysteries of Police and Crime. Volume 3 of 3
The Life and Letters of John Fiske. Volume 1 of 2
A Treatise on the Practice of the High Court of Chancery: With Some Practical Observations on the Pleadings in That Court. Volume 2 of 3
The Law of Cabs in London: Including Motor Cabs: With Appendices Containing Police Notices, the Asquith Award, and the Text of the Statutes Arranged Both as a Legal Treatise and a Popular Handbook.
A Statement of the Penal Laws Which Aggrieve the Catholics of Ireland: With Commentaries.
Principles of the Criminal Law of Scotland.
The Life of Sir Michael Foster, Knt.: Sometime One of the Judges of the Court of King's Bench, and Recorder of Bristol / By His Nephew, the Late Michael Dodson.
Practice and Pleading in Personal Actions in the Courts of Massachusetts / By Henry F. Buswell and Charles H. Walcott.
A Treatise of the Laws for the Relief and Settlement of the Poor. Volume 1 of 3
Her Majesty's Prisons: Their Effects and Defects. Volume 2 of 2
The Colonies, 1492-1750.
A Treatise on the Law of Heritable Succession in Scotland. Volume 2 of 2
Her Majesty's Prisons: Their Effects and Defects. Volume 1 of 2
A Dissertation Shewing That the House of Lords, in Cases of Judicature, Are Bound by the Same Rules of Evidence That Are Observed by All Other Courts.
A Satyre Dedicated to His Most Excellent Maiestie. by George Vvither, Gentleman. (1614)
Foreign and Domestic Law: A Concise Treatise on Private International Jurisprudence, Based on the Decisions in the English Courts.
New York State Income Tax Procedure, 1921: Including Corporation Franchise Tax.
The Law and Practice of the Municipal Court of the City of New York: With the Boundaries of Boroughs, Districts and Wards, and Also the Latest Decisions Affecting This Court ....
Minimizing Taxes.
Not So New, as True Being a Verie Necessarie Caueat for All Christians to Consider Of. Vvherein Is Truelie Described the Iniquitie of This Present Time, by Occasion of Our Confused Liuing (1590)
Flood Problem and Management in South Asia
The Passions of the Soul in the Metamorphosis of Becoming
The Probate Laws of Massachusetts: With Notes of Decisions: (Including the Legislation of 1902, and Cases in Vol. 178 of the Massachusetts Reports).
Perkins 1655 a New Almanack and Prognostication for the Year of Our Lord God, 1655 ... Composed and Chiefly Referred to the ... City of London / Made and Set Forth by F. Perkins. (1655)
Bridging the Skills Gap between Work and Education
Husserl's Logical Investigations Reconsidered
[Here Begynneth the Byrthe and Lyfe of the Moost False and Deceytfull Antechryst] (1525)
The Terrestriall Paradise, Or, Happinesse on Earth. Written by Robert Crofts (1639)
[Most Rare and Straunge Discourses, of Amurathe the Turkish Emperor That Now Is with the Warres Betweene Him and the Persians: The Turkish Triumph, Lately Had at Constantinople.] (1584)
The Arte of Nauigation Contayning a Breife Description of the Spheare, Vvith the Partes and Circles of the Same: As Also the Making and VSE of Certaine Instruments. (1596)
Discourses Vpon Seneca the Tragedian. by Sir William Cornwalleys, Knight (1601)
Here Begynneth a Lytell Treatyse Called Ars Moryendi (1506)
Loves Riddle a Pastorall Comaedie; Written, at the Time of His Being Kings Scholler in Westminster Schoole, by A. Cowley. (1638)
The Second Part of the Cid (1640)
The Considerations of Drexelius Upon Eternitie Translated by Ralph Winterton ... (1639)
A Treatise on Special Subjects of the Law of Real Property: Containing an Outline of All Real-Property Laws ....
History of a Suit in Equity: From Its Commencement to Its Final Termination.
The Question of Incest Relatively to Marriage with Sisters in Succession.
The Law of Charitable Bequests.
The Whole Booke of Psalmes Collected Into English Meeter by T. Sternhold, I. Hopkins, and Others. (1630)
The Practice of Interpleader by Sheriffs and High Bailiffs: With Acts, Rules and Forms.
Law and Lawyers, Or, Sketches and Illustrations of Legal History and Biography Volume 1 of 2
The Whole Booke of Psalmes. Collected Into English Meeter, by Tho. Sternhold, Iohn Hopkins and Others. Conferred with the Hebrew with Apt Notes to Sing Them Withall (1637)
The Whole Booke of Psalmes Collected Into English Meeter, by Thomas Sternhold, Iohn Hopkins, and Others, Conferred with the Hebrew, with Apt Notes to Sing Them Withall. (1632)
The Measure of Damages in Actions of Maritime Collisions.
A Pleasant Comedie, Called Wily Beguilde the Chiefe Actors Are These: A Poore Scholler. Rich Foole, and a Knave at a Shift. (1638)
A History of the English Poor Law: In Connexion with the Legislation and Other Circumstances Affecting the Condition of the People. Volume 1 of 2
Fr. Burgersdicii Institutionum Logicarum Libri Duo Ad Juventutem Cantabrigiensem Quod Vetus Est, Juvenes, in Relligione Sequamur, Quod Placet in Logica, Nil Vetat Esse Novum. (1660)
Fr. Burgersdicii Institutionum Logicarum Libri Duo Ad Juventutem Cantabrigiensem. (1644)
Plain-Dealing, Or, a Full and Particular Examination of a Late Treatise Intituled Humane Reason by A.M. ... (1675)
An Elementary Treatise on the Law of Real Property.
The Justice's Note-Book.
Neve 1667 a New Almanack and Prognostication Serving for the Year of Our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ, 1667 ... Calculated ... for the ... City of Norwich ... / By Robert Neve. (1667)
A Survey of the Year 1655, Or, an Almanack for the Yeare of Christ, 1655 ... Calculated ... to the Meridian and Latitude of ... London ... / Composed by Seth Partridge. (1655)
To the English Gentrie, and All Others Studious of the Mathematicks Which Shall Bee Readers Hereof. the Just Apologie of Wil: Oughtred, Against the Slaunderous Insimulations of Richard Delamain (1634)
The Consideration and Iudgement, of the Diuines of the Electorall Principality of Saxony, in the Vniuersitie of Wittenberge: They Being Required by the Vniuersitie of Iena Vpon the Question (1620)
Pigot 1662 an Almanack for the Year of Our Lord God, 1662 ... Calculated for the Meridian ... of ... Shrewsbury ... / By Francis Pigot. (1662)
Principles of Mercantile Law: In the Subjects of Bankruptcy, Cautionary Obligations, Securities Over Moveables, Principal and Agent, Partnership, and the Companies' Acts.
A Treatise on the Law of Distresses.
The Law and Practice of Orders of Affiliation, and Proceedings in Bastardy: Including Appeals to the Sessions and Proceedings by Certiorari with the Statutes and Forms.
Ups and Downs of a Crook's Life.
Prostitution: The Relation of the Experience of Europe to the Solution of the Problem in Boston.
Microorganisms in Plant Conservation and Biodiversity
A Treatise on the Law of Executors and Administrators: And of the Administration of the Estates of Deceased Persons, with an Appendix of Statutes and Forms.
Passions in William Ockham's Philosophical Psychology
Pitch: Neural Coding and Perception
Elasticity in Engineering Mechanics
Social Capital and Business Development in High-Technology Clusters: An Analysis of Contemporary U.S. Agglomerations
Educating, Evaluating, and Selecting Living Kidney Donors
Undergraduate Analysis
The Tomb of Amenemope at Thebes (TT 148) Volume 1
A Gloryous Medytacyon of Ihesus Crystes Passyon (1523)
Pigot 1661 an Almanack for the Year of Our Lord God, 1661 ... Calculated for the Meridian of ... Ludlow in Shropshire / By Francis Pigot. (1661)
The Principles of Mercantile Law.
An Inuectyue Agaynst Dronkennes (1548)
Three Severall Treatises Concerning the Truce at This Present Propounded the First, Laying Open Divers Considerations and Reasons, Why a Truce Ought Not to Bee Contracted (1630)
Reasons for Abolishing Capital Punishment.
A Treatise Upon the Law of Annuities and Rent Charges.
True Detective Stories from the Archives of the Pinkertons.
The Law of the Territories
Perspectives in Human Growth, Development and Maturation
Confession of Samuel Steenburgh, Who Murdered Jacob S. Parker, November 17th, 1877: Executed at Fonda, on Friday, April 19th, 1878.
Glare: History of the Development of a New Aircraft Material
New Times: New Families
Extensions and Relaxations
Frontier Emerging Equity Markets Securities Price Behavior and Valuation
System Level Hardware/Software Co-Design: An Industrial Approach
The Construction of Cognitive Maps
Multivalued Analysis and Nonlinear Programming Problems with Perturbations
Law of Bankruptcy and the National Bankruptcy Act of 1898: A Treatise of the Principles and Practice of the Law of Bankruptcy ...
Trial of George Crowninshield, J.J. Knapp, Jun. and John Francis Knapp: For the Murder of Capt. Joseph White, of Salem, on the Night of the Sixth of April, 1830 / Reported by John W. Whitman.
An Introduction to Conveyancing, and the New Statutes Concerning Real Property: With Precedents and Practical Notes. Volume 1 of 2
The Law of Debtor and Creditor in the United States and Canada.
Considerations on the Law of Libel: As Relating to Publications on the Subject of Religion.
A History of the English Poor Law: In Connection with the State of the Country and the Condition of the People. Volume 2 of 3
A Brief Enquiry Into the True Nature and Character of Our Federal Government: Being a Review of Judge Story's Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States.
Address of the President.
Why Are There No Common Law Crimes in Ohio?: Read Before the Philosophical Society, March 18th, 1918.
Elements of American Jurisprudence.
Marine Policies: A Complete Statement of the Law Concerning Contracts of Marine Insurance.
Business Law: A Text-Book for Schools and Colleges.
Commons and Common Fields, Or, the History and Policy of the Laws Relating to Commons and Enclosures in England: Being the Yorke Prize Essay of the University of Cambridge for the Year 1886.
Life of the Hon. Jeremiah Smith: LL. D., Member of Congress During Washington's Administration, Judge of the United States Circuit Court, Chief Justic
The State and the Nation.
A Guide to Officers of Towns: Containing the Statutes Relating to Their Official Duties, with Forms, Directions, and Legal Decisions, Adapted to the Revised Statutes of New Hampshire.
The Student's Practice of the Courts: Being a Practical Exposition of the Proceedings in the Supreme Court of Judicature in England, Including Appeals to the House of Lords.
Memoirs of the Life of William Wirt, Attorney General of the United States. Volume 2 of 2
The Principles of Parochial Assesment: An Introduction to Rating: A Text Book for Students.
Mistake in Contract: A Study in Comparative Jurisprudence.
A Guide to Officers of Towns: Containing the Statues Relating to Their Official Duties, with Forms, Directions, and Legal Decisions Adapted to the Revised Statutes of New-Hampshire.
Pediatric Adrenal Diseases: Workshop, Turin, May 2010.
Psychosocial Problems of AIDS Orphans
Chapitres de Recherche Operationnelle
NATO in the First Decade after the Cold War
The Significance of Beauty: Kant on Feeling and the System of the Mind
Coastal Zone Management Imperative for Maritime Developing Nations
Observations on the Case of Judge Durell, of Louisiana
An Essay on Uses and Trusts: And on the Nature and Operation of Conveyances at Common Law, and of Those Which Derive Their Effect from the Statute of Uses.
Speeches of Joseph Hopkinson and Charles Chauncey on the Judicial Tenure: Delivered in the Convention of Philadelphia for Revising the Constitution.
A Digest of the Laws and Ordinances of the Police Jury of East Baton Rouge: With an Alphabetical Index / Compiled and Published by Order of the Policy Jury by J.C. Stafford.
A Voice from the Prison: A Few Chapters in the History of a Great Crime, Published in the Cause of Humanity.
Kenzie Book 2: A Mother's Fury
A Treatise on the Law of Lien, and Stoppage in Transitu.
Web-based Engineering Education: Critical Design and Effective Tools
Designing Solutions-based Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing: New Issues and Trends
Model-Driven Domain Analysis and Software Development: Architectures and Functions
Applied Technology Integration in Governmental Organizations: New E-Government Research
Behind the Bars, 31498.
Strategic Intellectual Capital Management in Multinational Organizations: Sustainability and Successful Implications
European Economic Governance and Policies: Volume II: Commentary on Key Policy Documents
Digital Culture And E-Tourism: Technologies, Applications and Management Approaches
Electronic Waste Management
Social Authentication for Mobile Phones
Municipal Solid Waste Management in India
Hydrogen Storage in Metal and Complex Hydrides
Naive Art and Its Reflection in Swedish Music
Nutritional Evaluation of Popped and Malted Indigenous Foxtail Millet
Creating a Change-Adept Organization
Knowledge Recommender Systems
Sez and the Affected People: Exploring Perspectives in West Bengal
The Geometry of Biological Time
Sunny Land: Pictures from Paradise
Combinatorics and Graph Theory
Household Resource Scarcity and Management in Ethiopia
Stochastic Calculus and Financial Applications
Cases on ICT Utilization, Practice and Solutions: Tools for Managing Day-to-Day Issues
Stochastic Integration and Differential Equations
Affective Computing and Interaction: Psychological, Cognitive and Neuroscientific Perspectives
Global Media Convergence and Cultural Transformation: Emerging Social Patterns and Characteristics
High-dimensional Knot Theory: Algebraic Surgery in Codimension 2
Advanced Techniques in Multimedia Watermarking: Image, Video and Audio Applications
Virtual Collaborative Writing in the Workplace: Computer-Mediated Communication Technologies and Processes
Modern Applied Statistics with S
DNA Methods in Clinical Microbiology
Eratosthenes, Hoc Est, Breuis Et Luculenta Defensio Lysiae Pro Caede Eratosthenis, Praelectionibus Illustrata Andreae Dunaei in Academia Cantabrigiensi Graecae Linguae Regij Professoris (1593)
The Law of Copyholds: In Reference to the Enfranchisement and Commutation of Manorial Rights, and the Copyhold Acts: With Notes and the Forms and Directions of the Copyhold Commissioners.
Paruus Libellus Continens Formam Multarum Rerum Prout Patet I[n] Kalendario in Fine in Contento. (1533)
A View of All the Right Honourable the Lord Mayors of This Honorable Citty of London with the Personages, and Also Such Chiefe Occasions as Happened in Euery Seuerall Mayors Time (1599)
Introductio in Metaphysicam. Authore Ri. Crakanthorp Olim Collegij Reginae Oxon. Socio (1619)
The Iust Italian Lately Presented in the Priuate House at Blacke Friers, by His Maiesties Seruants. (1630)
Advances in Probabilistic and Other Parsing Technologies
Internal Affairs: Making Room for Psychosemantic Internalism
Heidegger and Leibniz: Reason and the Path with a Foreword by Hans Georg Gadamer
A Sketch of the Character of the Late Lord Erskine
An Eulogium Upon the Hon. Charles Ewing, Late Chief Justice of New Jersey.
The Boundary Dispute Between Illinois and Wisconsin: An Address Read Before the Chicago Historical Society at a Special Meeting Held May 19, 1904.
Liberty, Learning, and Property: An Address: Upon the Occasion of the Dedication of the New Buildings of the Columbia University in the City of New York, May the Second.
A Second Supplement to Grant's Chancery Practice: Consisting of the Orders for the Regulation of the Practice and Proceedings of the High Court of Chancery: With Tables of Fees.
Looking Ahead.
An Analysis of the Scottish Reform ACT: With Decisions of the Courts of Appeal.
Balme from Gilead to Recouer Conscience in a Sermon Preached at Pauls-Crosse, Octob. 20. 1616. by Samuel Ward, Bach. of Diuinitie, and Preacher of Ipswich. (1618)
The Whole Booke of Psalmes Collected Into English Meter by Tho. Sternhold, Ioh. Hopkins, and Others; Conferred with the Hebrew, with Apt Notes to Sing Them Withall. (1609)
An Introduction to the Study of the Roman Law.
The Whole Booke of Psalmes Collected Into English Meeter by Thomas Sternhold, Iohn Hopkins, and Others; Conferred with the Hebrew, with Apt Notes to Sing Them Withall. (1629)
A Handy Book on Criminal Law: Applicable Chiefly to Commercial Transactions.
A Detection of the Deuils Sophistrie Wherwith He Robbeth the Vnlearned People, of the True Byleef, in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Aulter. (1546)
Guardians of the Crystal Skulls: The Thirteenth Order
Mwakenya: Real or Phantom; Subtitle: A Journalist's Harrowing Experience in the Moi Regime
Edmund Husserl Bibliography
Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change for Bangladesh
Exercises in Abelian Group Theory
Azaria and Hushai a Poem. (1682)
Baulme for Bleeding England and Ireland, Or, Seasonable Instructions for Persecuted Christians Delivered in Severall Sermons / By Nicholas Lockyer. (1643)
A Treatise on the Law and Practice as to Receivers Appointed by the Court of Chancery: With Notes and References to American Authorities by Geo. Tucker Bispham.
The Office of Constable: Comprising the Laws Relating to High, Petty, and Special Constables, Headboroughs, Tithingmen, Borsholders, and Watchmen, with an Account of Their Institution and Appointment.
The Vvorkes of Master George Wither, of Lincolns-Inne, Gentleman Containing Satyrs. Epigrams. Eclogues. Sonnets. and Poems. Vvhereunto Is Annexed a Paraphrase on the Creed and the Lords Prayer. (1620)
The Comic Blackstone: With Illustrations by George Cruikshank.
A Handy Book of Criminal Law: Applicable Chiefly to Commercial Transactions.
Evolution of Biological Systems in Random Media: Limit Theorems and Stability
Language Modeling for Information Retrieval
Language, Truth and Knowledge: Contributions to the Philosophy of Rudolf Carnap
Tropical Agriculture in Transition - Opportunities for Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions?
A Sermon Preached to the First Independent Congregational Society of Wheeling, Va. on the Occasion of the Death of Daniel Webster.
The Divorce Congress and Suggested Improvements in the Statutory Law Relating to Divorce: An Address Delivered Before the Dauphin County Bar Association, March 7, 1906.
A Defence of the Petition of the Debtors in Horsham Jail: From the Misconceptions of the Honourable Member for Sussex.
Statute Law Revision: Observations on the New Edition of the Statutes in Preparation Under the Authority of Her Majesty's Government: A Paper.
Resolution of Curve and Surface Singularities in Characteristic Zero
Time and Ethics: Essays at the Intersection
The Different Faces of Autonomy: Patient Autonomy in Ethical Theory and Hospital Practice
Pairs of Compact Convex Sets: Fractional Arithmetic with Convex Sets
Eunomus, Or, Dialogues Concerning the Law and Constitution of England: With an Essay on Dialogue.
Photosynthetic Rate and Dynamic Environment
Multidimensional Systems Theory and Applications
Principles of Magnetic Resonance
Floating Gate Devices: Operation and Compact Modeling
Semiconductor Nanocrystals: From Basic Principles to Applications
Interaction Between Compilers and Computer Architectures
Privacy, Security and Trust within the Context of Pervasive Computing
Adaptive Multilevel Solution of Nonlinear Parabolic PDE Systems: Theory, Algorithm, and Applications
Retargetable Compilers for Embedded Core Processors: Methods and Experiences in Industrial Applications
Membrane Transport and Renal Physiology
Immunity-Based Systems: A Design Perspective
Handbook of Asian Education: A Cultural Perspective
Employers' Liability.
Rules for the Guidance of Members of Parliament in the Management of Select Committees and the Preparation of Reports
A Lecture, Being the Ninth of a Series of Lectures: Introductory to a Course of Lectures Now Delivering in the University of Maryland.
A Lecture, Introductory to a Course of Law Lectures in Columbia College, Delivered February 2, 1824
A Practical Treatise on the Law of Partition: With an Appendix Containing the Statutes and a Selection of Precedents.
Popular Law-Making: A Study of the Origin, History, and Present Tendencies of Law-Making by Statute.
A Short Epitome of the Principal Statutes Relating to Conveyancing: Extending from 13 Edward I. to the End of 37 and 38 Victoria: Intended for the Use of Students and Practitioners.
Monograph on Sentences for Crime.
A Concise Treatise on the Principles of Equity Pleading, with Precedents.
The Jurisdiction and Practice of the Mayor's Court: Together with Appendices of Forms, Rules, and Statutes Specially Relating to the Court.
State Control of Trade and Commerce by National or State Authority by Albert Stickney.
Fifteen Decisive Battles of the Law: Being a Study of Some Leading Cases in the Law of England.
The Civil Liability for Personal Injuries Arising Out of Negligence.
A Digest of the Laws of England. Volume 6 of 6
A Treatise on the Law of Real Property.
A Treatise on the Law of Mortgages and Deeds of Trust: Founded on the Laws and Judicial Decisions of the State of Illinois.
The Theory of Our National Existence: As Shown by the Action of the Government of the United States Since 1861.
Report on the Prisons and Reformatories of the United States and Canada: Made to the Legislature of New York, January, 1867 / By E.C. Wines and Theodore W. Dwight.
Crime and Its Punishment; And, Life in the Penitentiary.
A Sermon, Preached at Windham, November 29th, 1803: Being the Day of the Execution of Caleb Adams, for the Murder of Oliver Woodworth.
Principles of Procedure in Deliberative Bodies.
Report in Favor of the Abolition of the Punishment of Death by Law: Made to the Legislature of the State of New York, April 14, 1841.
Cohomology Rings of Finite Groups: With an Appendix: Calculations of Cohomology Rings of Groups of Order Dividing 64
Proceedings of the Third International Algebra Conference: June 16-July 1, 2002 Chang Jung Christian University, Tainan, Taiwan
The Hermitage Collections
Young Measures on Topological Spaces: With Applications in Control Theory and Probability Theory
The World of Madeleine Castaing
Wine and Walnuts, Or, After Dinner Chit-Chat / By Ephraim Hardcastle. Volume 2 of 2
The Law of Infancy and Coverture.
Grammatica Facilis, Seu Nova, Artificiosa Methodus Docendi Linguam Latinam: Cui Praefiguntur Animadversiones in Rudimenta Nostra Vulgaria, Grammaticam Despauterianam NEC Non Methodus (1674)
Contemplations on Mortality Wherein the Terrors of Death Are Laid Open, for a Warning to Sinners: And the Joyes of Communion with Christ for Comfort to Believers. (1669)
A Concise Historical Account of the Judiciary of Connecticut.
Memorial of Benjamin Helm Bristow
The Practice of Courts Martial.
The Proper Province and Office of Constitutional Law: An Address Delivered Before the Graduating Classes at the Seventieth Anniversary of Yale Law School, on June 25th, 1894.
An Essay on the Recent Cases in Equity: Reflecting the Efficacy of Words Restrictive of Alienation, and Words of Separate Use: Annexed to Gifts of Property to Unmarried Women.
Single Quantum Dots: Fundamentals, Applications and New Concepts
Light Scattering in Solids VIII: Fullerenes, Semiconductor Surfaces, Coherent Phonons
Digital Filters and Signal Processing: With MATLAB (R) Exercises
Recent Developments in Spatial Analysis: Spatial Statistics, Behavioural Modelling, and Computational Intelligence
Challenging Mathematics In and Beyond the Classroom: The 16th ICMI Study
The Pleasant History of Lazarillo de Tormes a Spanyard Wherein Is Contained His Maruellous Deeds and Life, with the Strange Aduentures Happened to Him, in the Seruice of Sundry Masters (1624)
Marcelli Palingenii Stellati, Poetae Doctissimi, Zodiacus Vitae Hoc Est, de Homine Est A, Studio, AC Moribus Optim Instituendis, Libri (1602)
Llyfr y Psalmau Vvedi Ev Cyfieithu, A'i Cyfansoddi AR Fesur Cerdd, Yn Gymraeg. / Drwy Waith Edmund Prys ... (1638)
Rex Platonicus: Siue, de Potentissimi Principis Iacobi Britanniarum Regis, Ad Illustrissimam Academiam Oxoniensem, Aduentu, Aug. 27. Anno M. DC. V. (1635)
An Exposition of Al the Principall Scriptures Vsed in Our English Liturgie Together with a Reason Why the Church Did Chuse the Same / By Iohn Boys ... (1609)
A Sermon Preached at Paules-Crosse, Vpon the 1. of Nouember, Being All-Saints Day, Anno 1607. by Sa: Collins, Batchelour in Diuinitie, and Fellow of the Kings Colledge in Cambridge (1608)
High Content Screening
de Furoribus Gallicis, Horrend; Indigna Amirallij Castillionei, Nobilium Atque Illustrium Virorum Caede, Scelerata AC Inaudita Piorum Strage Passim Edita Per Complures Galliae Ciuitates (1573)
Natural Growth Inhibitors and Phytohormones in Plants and Environment
Therapeutic Targets of the TNF Superfamily
A View of the Differences Between France and Spain in Which Is Shown the Present Posture of the Affaires of Europe English't by a Person of Honour. (1684)
The Sarcomere and Skeletal Muscle Disease
The Theocracy and the Law of National Caducity: A Reply to Recent Dissertations on the Temporal Power ... / By the Author of Civil Principality, Etc.
The Writings of James Madison: Comprising His Public Papers and His Private Correspondence, Including Numerous Letters and Documents Now for the First Time Printed. Volume 4 of 9
Lectures on Sanitary Law.
Juvenile Depravity.
The History and Law of Church Seats, or Pews. Volume 1 of 2
Treatise Upon the Estate and Rights of the Corporation of the City of New York, as Proprietors. Volume 2 of 2
A Treatise on the Rules for the Selection of the Parties to an Action.
Bills and Notes: Guaranty and Suretyship, Insurance, Bankruptcy: Examination Questions. Volume 9 of 9
Rapid Assessment of Raw Milk Microbial Quality
Impact of Iodm and Enso on East Asian Monsoon
Creativity and Innovation in a Public Institution
Performance Evaluation of Electricity Distribution Industry
Ethnobotany of Primitive Tribal Groups of Visakhapatnam District
New Constructions in Classical Invariant Theory
A Text-Book of Classical Mechanics
J Street and U.S Decision Making
Design and Implementation of a Pool Cleaning Robot
Development of a Compressor Circuit for an Automatic Sound Desk
Moodle 1.9 Testing and Assessment
Fribrodre a: A Late 11th Century Ship-Handling Site on Falster
Zeta Functions, Topology and Quantum Physics
Neuronal Death by Accident or by Design
Observations on the Vagrant ACT and Some Other Statutes and on the Powers and Duties of Justices of the Peace.
Probing the Quantum Vacuum: Perturbative Effective Action Approach in Quantum Electrodynamics and its Application
Viral Genome Packaging: Genetics, Structure, and Mechanism
The Biogenesis of Cellular Organelles
Artemia: Basic and Applied Biology
Semiconductor Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics
Novel Colloidal Forming of Ceramics
Endocrine Aspects of Successful Aging: Genes, Hormones and Lifestyles
Naive Lie Theory
Poeticall Blossomes (1637)
The Whole Law Relative to the Duty and Office of a Justice of the Peace: Comprising Also the Authority of Parish Officers. Volume 1 of 4
A Shorte Introduction of Grammar Generallie to Be Vsed: Compiled and Set Forth, for the Bringing VP of All Those That Intende to Attaine the Knowledge of the Latine Tongue. (1584)
The Theater of Fine Deuices Containing an Hundred Morall Emblemes. First Penned in French by Guillaume de La Perriere, and Translated Into English by Thomas Combe. (1614)
The Boke of Noblenes That Sheweth How Many Sortes [And] Kyndes There Is ... Translated Out of Laten Into Frenche, and Now Into English by Me Iohn Larke. (1550)
A Commendacyon of Welshmen (1546)
The Vvorks of the Famous and Vvorthie Knight Sir Dauid Lyndesay of the Mont, Alias Lyon King of Armes (1610)
Hints Upon the Question of Jury Trial: As Applicable to the Proceedings in the Court of Session.
Thus Endeth the Doctrinal of Sapyence the Whyche Is Ryght Vtile and Prouffytable to Alle Crysten Men, Whyche Is Translated Out of Frenshe in to Englysshe by Wyllyam Caxton at Westmestter (1489)
The Early Administration of Equity in This Country: An Address at the Annual Meeting of the New Jersey State Bar Association, June 15, 1918.
The Justice of the Peace, and Parish Officer: Comprising the Law Relative to Their Several Duties, with All the Necessry Forms of Commitments, Convictions, Orders, &C.. Volume 3 of 3
A Hedgerovv of Busshes, Brambles, and Briers: Or, a Fielde Full of Tares, Thistles and Tine of the Vanities and Vaine Delightes of This Worlde, Leading the Way to Eternall Damnation (1598)
The Truth about Single Tax: Its Origin, Purpose and Effect.
The Supreme Court of the United States: A Discussion of Its Wants and the Remedy for Them, with the Draught of a Statute Embodying a Plan of Relief.
Nachwort Zu Shakespeare VOR Dem Forum Der Jurisprudenz.
Quantum Gravity, Generalized Theory of Gravitation, and Superstring Theory-Based Unification
The Impact of Population Growth on Well-being in Developing Countries
Sedimentary Basins: Evolution, Facies, and Sediment Budget
Incompatibility and Incongruity in Wild and Cultivated Plants
A Discourse of the Nationall Excellencies of England by Richard Hawkins. (1658)
Dissenters Sayings. the Second Part. Published in Their Own Words, for the Information of the People and Dedicated to the Grand-Jury of London. August 29. 1681. by Roger L'Estrange (1681)
A Short Introduction of Grammar Compiled and Set Forth for the Bringing Up of All Those That Intend to Attaine to the Knowledge of the Latine Tongue. (1642)
An Exact Abridgment in English of the Eleven Books of Reports of the Learned Sir Edward Cook, Knight, Late Lord Chief Justice of England and of the Council of Estates (1657)
A Short Introduction, of Grammar Compiled and Set Forth for the Bringing Up of All Those That Intend to Attain to the Knowledge of the Latine Tongue. (1658)
Marcus Tullius Ciceroes Three Bookes of Dueties to Marcus His Sonne, Turned Out of Latine ... by Nicolas Grimalde. Wherunto the Latine Is Adioyned. (1574)
Freedom of Private Property on the Sea from Capture During War
A Short Introduction of Grammar Compiled and Set Forth for the Bringing Up of All Those That Intend to Attain to the Knowledge of the Latine Tongue. (1661)
The Jurisdiction and Procedure of the Admiralty Courts of the United States in Civil Causes: On the Instance Side.
A Treatise on the Law of Shipping and the Law and Practice of Admiralty. Volume 1 of 2
An Examination of the Conduct of Great Britain, Respecting Neutrals, Since the Year 1791
A Treatise on the Principles of the Law of Marine Insurance: In Two Parts ...
A Treatise on the Law Relating to Composition with Creditors: With an Appendix, Containing Precedents of Pleadings and Deeds.
The Powers and Duties of Special Constables.
A Treatise on the Laws Relating to Factors and Brokers.
Supplement to the Second Edition of Buswell and Walcott's Massachusetts Practice: Including the Legislation from 1883 to 1894, and Cases in the Massachusetts Reports from Vol. 133 to Vol. 159.
A Digest of Cases Adjudicated in the Courts of Admiralty of the United States and in the High Court of Admiralty in England: Together with Some Topics from the Works of Sir Leoline Jenkins.
The Law of Electric Wires in Streets and Highways.
Rules for the Interpretation of Deeds: With a Glossary / By Howard Warburton Elphinstone, Robert F. Norton, and James William Clark; With Notes and References to American Cases by H.F. Stitzell.
A Treatise on Proceedings in Equity: By Way of Supplement and Revivor: With an Appendix of Precedents.
Report of the Trial of Leavitt Alley: Indicted for the Murder of Abijah Ellis, in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts / Reported by Franklin Fiske Heard.
Bundy's United States Commissioner: Containing Forms, Instructions, and the Statute Law Concerning the Commissioners of the United States Circuit Courts.
Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks VIII
Teaching World History as Mystery
Lighting Redesign for Existing Buildings
The Bafaw Language: Bantu A10
Syntactic Borrowing in Contemporary French: A Linguistic Analysis of News Translation
Kingdom of Mankon: Aspects of History, Language, Culture, Flora and Fauna
Adjudicated Forms of Pleading and Practice: With Annotations and Correlative Statutes .... Volume 2 of 2
Trial Procedure: A Treatise on Procedure in Civil Actions and Proceedings in Trial Courts of Record Under the Civil Codes of All the States and Territories.
The Law of Conveyancing in Pennsylvania.
Principles of the Federal Law as Presented in Decisions of the Supreme Court: Citing Something Over 3,500 Cases: 2 Dallas-241 U.S. (Congressional Legislation to February 1, 1917).
A Treatise on the Law of Leases: With Forms and Precedents. Volume 1 of 2
The Rights, Duties, Remedies and Incidents Belonging to and Growing Out of the Relation of Landlord and Tenant. Volume 2 of 3
Coote's Treatise on the Law of Mortgages. Volume 2 of 2
Essays on Asylums for Inebriates.
A Letter to the Hon. Grantley Fitzhardinge Berkeley, M.P. in Answer to His Defence of the Game-Laws and Showing What Are the Game-Laws Now in Force.
Observations on the Passing of Fines and Recoveries.
A National Constitution: The Only Road to National Peace: A Letter to the President of the United States.
Burial Law: A Paper Read Before the Society of Medical Jurisprudence and State Medicine, New York City.
Pleadings in Equity: Illustrative of Lord Redesdale's Treatise on the Pleadings in Suits, in the Court of Chancery, by English Bill.
A Treatise on the Law of Sheriff: With Practical Forms and Precedents.
Income and Federal Tax Reports.
Quantum and Non-Commutative Analysis: Past, Present and Future Perspectives
The Arkansas Justice: A Treatise on the Powers and Duties of Justices of the Peace, Embraced in Their Civil and Criminal Jurisdiction in the State of Arkansas.
Solid Mechanics: An Introduction
Optimization of Dynamic Systems
Methods of Fracture Mechanics: Solid Matter Physics
Thermoelastic Models of Continua
Popular Sovereignty in the Territories: Judge Douglas in Reply to Judge Black.
The Ethical Basis of Jurisprudence: A Lecture Delivered at the Opening of the Law School of the University of Pennsylvania, October 1, 1877.
Leading and Important Cases in Massachusetts Common Law: For Reference and Review: And as a Student's Guide to Reading.
The Organization of Courts: An Address Before the Law Association of Philadelphia, January 31, 1913.
A Treatise Upon the Practice of the Court of Chancery: With an Appendix of Forms.
Criminal Law: Criminal Procedure, Wills, Administration: Examination Questions. Volume 10 of 10
United States Constitutional Law: State Constitutions, Statutory Construction: Examination Questions. Volume 2 of 2
An Introduction to the History of the Development of Law.
Sales: Personal Property, Bailments, Carriers, Patents, Copyrights: Examination Questions. Volume 5 of 5
The General and Quarter Sessions of the Peace: Their Jurisdiction and Practice in Other Than Criminal Matters.
Busch and Dixon's Law Examiner: Consisting of Illinois Bar Examination Questions Carefully Classified and Answered.
Thealma and Clearchus a Pastoral History, in Smooth and Easie Verse / Written Long Since, by John Chalkhill, Esq., an Acquaintant and Friend of Edmund Spencer. (1683)
The Whole Book of Psalms Collected Into English Metre by Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins and Others; Conferred with the Hebrew ... (1683)
State Tracts Being a Collection of Several Treatises Relating to the Government, Privately Printed in the Reign of K. Charles II. (1693)
The Practice of the High Court of Chancery: With Costs, Precedents, Orders, &C. &C. in a Method Not Before Attempted. Volume 1 of 2
The London Prisons: With an Account of the More Distinguished Persons Who Have Been Confined in Them: To Which Is Added, a Description of the Chief Provincial Prisons.
The Insolvent Laws of Massachusetts: With Notes of Decisions.
History of the Laws of Louisiana and of the Civil Law.
The Law of Costs. Volume 1 of 2
The General and Quarter Sessions of the Peace: Their Jurisdiction and Practice in Other Than Criminal Matters / By Henry Leeming and Richard Assheton Cross.
Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature: A Manual for the Use of Commissioners to Administer Oaths in the Supreme Courts of Judicature in England.
Fractures and Fracture Networks
Computational Geomechanics
Arrhythmias and Sudden Death in Athletes
Handbook of War Studies
From Keynesianism to Monetarism: The evolution of UK macroeconometric models
The Handbook of Communication Ethics
Here Followeth a Compendious Regiment, or Dietarie of Health Made in Mount Pyllor: Compyled by Andrewe Boord, of Phisick Doctor. (1576)
The Boke of Hawkynge Huntynge and Fysshynge with All the Propertyes and Medecynes That Are Necessarye to Be Kepte. (1547)
A Commentary Vpon the Seconde Epistle of S Paul to the Thessalonians in the Which Besydes the Summe of Oure Faythe, Ther Is Syncerelye Handled And]set Forth at Large (1538)
The Notable Hystory of Two Faithfull Louers Named Alfagus Anb Archelaus Whearein Is Declared the True Fygure of Amytie and Freyndshyp. Much Pleasaunte and Delectable to the Reader. (1574)
[Here Begynneth the Boke of Comforte Agaynste All Trybulacyons.] (1505)
The First Fovvre Bookes of the Ciuile Wars Between the Two Houses of Lancaster and Yorke. by Samuel Daniel (1595)
A Treatise on the Law of Window Lights.
The Conduct of an Action in the King's Bench Division.
The English Land Laws: Being an Account of Their History, Present Features, and Proposed Reforms.
Gazzam's Treatise on the Bankrupt Law for Business Men: Containing All the Recent Amendments to the Bankrupt ACT, and Copious Notes Covering the Latest English and American Decisions.
The Elements of Practical Conveyancing: According to the Law of Scotland.
An Essay on the Doctrine of Remainders: And, as Collateral and Subordinate Topics, of Executory Limitations.
Elements of the Law of Contract.
A Treatise on Terms of Years and Other Chattels: Including a Dissertation on Executory Interests and Trusts: And an Inquiry Into the Point Whether Terms of Years Merge in Each Other.
Measuring and Monitoring Children's Well-Being
Case Absorption and WH-Agreement
Cut Elimination in Categories
Theognidis Megarensis Sententiae Cum Versione Latina, Ita UT Verbum Verbo Conferri Possit, Addita Earundem Explicatione / A Philippo Melancthone ... (1639)
Elenchi Motuum Nuperorum in Anglia, Sive, Motus Compositi. I Ubi Ullustrissimi G. Monchii Albermarliae Ducis, E Scotia Progressus: NEC Non Augustissimi Caroli Secundi in Angliam Reditus (1676)
The Second Part of the Reformation of a Catholike Deformed by Master W. Perkins (1607)
A Treatise on the Law of Taxation: Including the Law of Local Assessments. Volume 2 of 2
Appealed Cases: A History of Certain Court Corruptions in the U.S. and State Courts of Dakota, with Ramifications and Connections, Etc.
Cases of Personal Identity
The Law and Practice of Injunctions: With a Supplement Containing the Cases Decided Since 1841.
The Law of Scotland Relating to Notaries Public: With Forms of Instruments.
Ad Laudem Dei [Et] Honorem Tuamq[ue] No[n] Im[m]erito Flos Virgo Maria Ecce Manuale (1530)
Medical Law for Medical Men: Their Legal Relations Shortly and Popularly Explained: With Chapters Concerning Dentists, Chemists, and Midwives / By Percy Clarke and Charles Meymott Tidy.
More Vvorke for a Masse-Priest (1622)
Briefe Introductions, Both Naturall, Pleasant, and Delectable Vnto the Arte of Chiromancy, or Manuell Diuination, and Phisiognomy with Circumsta[n]ces Vpon the Faces of the Signes. (1598)
An Introduction for to Learne to Recken Wyth the Pen or with the Counters, According to the True Rule of Algorisme, in Whole Numbers or in Broken Newly Ouer Seene and Corrected. (1566)
Iniunccions Geuen by the Kynges Maiestie Aswell to the Clergie as to the Laitie of This Realme. Anno. M.D.XLVII. (1547)
Three Heauenly Treatises Vpon the Eight Chapter to the Romanes Viz. 1 Heauen Opened. 2 the Right Way to Eternall Glory. 3 the Glorification of a Christian. (1609)
de Mortuorum Resurrectione; Extremo Iuditio in Quatuor Linguis Succincte Conscriptum Opusculum. (1547)
A Ready Vvay to Remember the Scriptures. Or, a Table of the Old and Nevv Testament. by That Late Able, Painfull, and Worthy Man of God, Ezekiel Culuervvell, Minister of the Word (1637)
The Law of Personal Liberty.
Characterismi: Or, Lentons Leasures Expressed in Essayes and Characters, Neuer Before Written On. by F.L. Gent. (1631)
Fryer Iohn Frauncis of Nigeon in Fraunce a Replication to That Lewde Aunswere, Which Fryer Iohn Frauncis (of the Minimes Order in Nigeon Nigh Vnto Paris in Fraunce) Hath Made to a Letter (1586)
An Apologie, or Defence, of Those English Wryters Preachers Which Cerberus the Three Headed Dog of Hell, Chargeth Wyth False Doctrine, Vnder the Name of Predestination. (1566)
No Vvhippinge, Nor Trippinge: But a Kinde Friendly Snippinge (1601)
Dyer's Index to Land Grants in West Virginia
Apologia Veritatis Illucescentis, Pro Auro Potabili: Seu Essentia Auri Ad Medicinalem Potabilitatem Absque Corrosiuis Reducti VT Fer Omnibus Humani Corporis Aegritudinibus (1616)
Reform of Teacher Education in the Asia-Pacific in the New Millennium: Trends and Challenges
The First Part of the Historie of England. by Samuel Danyel (1613)
Clifford Algebras and Spinor Structures: A Special Volume Dedicated to the Memory of Albert Crumeyrolle (1919-1992)
The Four Pillars of Geometry
Who Was Who in America (Index Set)
Basic Topology
Evolutionary Aesthetics
The Drug Evil and the Drug Law.
A Letter to a Federalist: In Reply to Some of the Popular Objections to the Motives and Tendency of the Measures of the Present Administration.
Address of George W. Wickersham at Springfield, Ohio, November 5, 1910.
Speech of Thomas H. Sill on Corporations, Banks and Currency
Law Enforcement, What It Means to Topeka: Inventory and Account of Stock Taken of Some of the Things Done by the Police Department and Police Court ....
Legal Pluralism in Industrialized Indonesia
Role of Micro-Finance in Rural Development
Jig and Fixture Design Manual
Development of a Finite Element Model of Tyre-Soil Interaction
News Media and Religious Terrorism. a Vicious Circle?
Energy Integration for Distillation Systems
Cyanobacterial Biodiversity of the Sub-Himalayan Belt of Kumaon Region
Evaluating Variety of Inflow Conditions in Furrow Irrigation System
Ritual of Marital Suspicion of Num 5: 11-31
The Practice in the Courts of Law and Equity in Virginia. Volume 1 of 3
Railway Practice in Parliament: The Law and Practice of Railway and Other Private Bills ...
The Law of Expert and Opinion Evidence Reduced to Rules: With Illustrations from Adjudged Cases.
Natural Kinds, Laws of Nature and Scientific Methodology
Scare Tactics: Arguments that Appeal to Fear and Threats
The Law and Principles of Evidence: Illustrated by Questions and Answers.
On Traces of the Primitive Village Community in English Municipal Institutions: Communicated to the Society of Antiquaries in a Letter to William J. Thoms.
The Constitution and Mr. Motley
The Justice at Work.
The Hague Rules, 1921: Paper Read at a Meeting of the Shipping Staffs' Association of the Port of Liverpool, on Monday, the 31st October, 1921.
Valuation of Public Utilities.
Address of the President, Edgar H. Farrar of New Orleans, Louisiana, Before the American Bar Association: Delivered at Boston, Mass., August 30, 1911.
The Sherman Anti-Trust Law: An Address Before the Bar Association of Lehigh County, on October 11th, 1910.
Reglas Gramaticales Para Aprender La Lengua Espanola y Francesa Confiriendo La Vna Con La Otra, Segun El Orden de Las Partes de La Oration Latinas. (1586)
The Lyf So Short the Craft So Lo[n]ge to Lerne (1477)
An Excellent Treatise of Christian Righteousnes, Written First in the French Tongue by M. I de L'Espine, Translated Into English by I. Feilde, for the Comfort of Afflicted Consciences (1578)
A Briefe Ansvver Vnto Certaine Reasons by Way of an Apologie Deliuered to the Right Reuerend Father in God, the L. Bishop of Lincolne, by Mr. Iohn Burges Wherin He Laboureth to Prooue (1606)
[The Assize of Bread] (1546)
A Fourtie Yeres Almanacke, with a Prognostication ... Gathered and Sette Forthe by Philip Moore ... (1567)
A Profitable and Necessarie Discourse, for the Meeting with the Bad Garbelling of Spices, Vsed in These Dayes and Against the Combination of the Vvorkemen of That Office (1592)
Coryates Crambe, or His Colwort Tvvise Sodden and Now Serued in with Other Macaronicke Dishes, as the Second Course to His Crudities. (1611)
A Treatise on the Practice of the Supreme Court of New York: In Civil Actions, Together with the Proceedings in Error. Volume 2 of 2
Conduct of Lawsuits Out of and in Court: Practically Teaching, and Copiously Illustrating, the Preparation and Forensic Management of Litigated Cases of All Kinds.
A Treatise Upon the Practice of the Court of Chancery: With an Appendix of Forms. Volume 3 of 3
The Law of Railroad Fences and Private Crossings: Including Injuries to Animals on Right of Way Caused by Negligence.
On Concussion of the Spine, Nervous Shock and Other Obscure Injuries of the Nervous System in Their Clinical and Medico-Legal Aspects.
Suggestions for an ACT to Establish a Uniform System of Bankruptcy Law Throughout the United States.
Perseverance Rewarded by Discovery: Respectfully Dedicated as an Amende Honorable to the Master of the Rolls.
Is Inheritance Legitimate?: Ethical and Economic Aspects of Wealth Transfers
Contact Mechanics in Tribology
Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 173
Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 166
Experimental Robotics VIII
The Law Relating to Simony Considered, with a View to Its Revision.
Historical Anomalies in the Law of Libel and Slander.
The North Carolina Executor: Containing the Statutes and Common Law of This State, Together with the Decisions of the Supreme Court, and All the Necessary Forms and Precedents.
Common Law Pleading: Code Pleading, Federal Procedure, Evidence: Examination Questions. Volume 11 of 11
Solution of Crack Problems: The Distributed Dislocation Technique
International Law: Conflict of Laws, Spanish-American Laws, Legal Ethics: Examination Questions. Volume 12 of 12
The Debentures and Debenture Stock of Trading and Other Companies: With Forms.
Modern Taxation and the Single Tax: A Paper Read Before the Association of Massachusetts Assessors at Its Annual Meeting, in the State House, Boston, December 15, 1893.
The Law of Arbitration and Awards: With Appendix Containing Lord Denman's Arbitration Bill and Statutes Relating to Arbitration, and a Collection of Forms and Index.
Henrietta Robinson.
A Treatise on the Law Relating to Composition with Creditors: With an Appendix, Containing Precedents of Pleading and Deeds.
Hore Beate Marie. Ad Ritum Ecclesie Sarisburie[n]sis (1521)
A Sermon Preached at Paules Crosse, the 23. of Aprill, Being the Lords Day, Called Sonday. 1581. by Anthonie Andreson (1581)
Dauisons Poems, Or, a Poeticall Rapsodie Deuided Into Sixe Bookes. the First, Contayning Poems and Deuises. the Second, Sonets and Canzonets. the Thir
Yehovah Summa Totalis Or, All in All, And, the Same for Euer: Or, an Addition to Mirum in Modum. by the First Author, Iohn Dauies. (1607)
The Federal Income Tax Explained: With the Regulations of the Treasury Department / By John M. Gould and George F. Tucker.
Free Land and Free Trade: The Lessons of the English Corn Laws Applied to the United States.
The Governance of London: Studies on the Place Occupied by London in English Institutions.
The Practice in the Several Judicatories of the Church of Scotland.
The Winding Up of Companies: And the Rules and Orders Relating Thereto.
A Concise Treatise on the Principles of Equity Pleading: With Precedents.
Georgia Practice Rules: As Laid Down by the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals of Georgia.
Nonlinear and Stochastic Dynamics of Compliant Offshore Structures
The Cannabinoid Receptors
Can Death Be a Harm to the Person Who Dies?
Symbolic Modeling of Multibody Systems
Cytokines in Human Health: Immunotoxicology, Pathology, and Therapeutic Applications
Interfacial Aspects of Multicomponent Polymer Materials
Cooperativity and Regulation in Biochemical Processes
Calculus Renewal: Issues for Undergraduate Mathematics Education in the Next Decade
Guide to Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Integral, Probability, and Fractal Measures
Ethics and Information Technology: A Case-Based Approach to a Health Care System in Transition
Impact Assessment and Evaluation in Transportation Planning
Ethical Problems in Dialysis and Transplantation
Semiconductor-Laser Fundamentals: Physics of the Gain Materials
Self-Organization and the City
Actuators: Basics and Applications
Cell-to-Cell Mapping: A Method of Global Analysis for Nonlinear Systems
Public Pensions and Economic Growth
Counting and Configurations: Problems in Combinatorics, Arithmetic, and Geometry
Many-Valued Logics 2: Automated Reasoning and Practical Applications
Entity-Relationship Modeling: Foundations of Database Technology
The Boycott in American Trade Unions.
Spatial Hysteresis and Optical Patterns
Outlines of the Law of Agency.
James Monroe: With a Bibliography of Writings Pertinent to the Monroe Doctrine by John F. Jameson.
The President and His Cabinet: Indicating the Progess of the Government of the United States Under the Administration of Grover Cleveland.
The Law of Fire and Life Insurance.
The Story of the Incumbered Estates Court: From All the Year Round.
The Connecticut Constitution.
Dermatology Skills for Primary Care: An Illustrated Guide
The Making of Constitutions.
Stewartiana: Containing the Case of Robert II and Elizabeth Mure, and Question of Legitimacy of Their Issue ...
A Letter to C.B. Adderley, Esq., M.P.: On His Review of the Charge of the Recorder of Birmingham, on the Subject of Tickets of Leave.
American Deportation and Exclusion Laws: A Report: January 15, 1919.
Synopsis of the Principal Provisions of the So-Called Federal Income Tax Law.
Address of William D. McHugh, President of the Nebraska State Bar Association: At Its Annual Meeting Held at Omaha, January 9th, 1902.
Report on the General Policy of Certain Federal Departments Toward the Open or Preferential Shop, Toward Discrimination and Toward the Right of Workers to Organize in Trade Unions.
The Civil and the Common Law in the Louisiana Purchase.
The Constitutionality of Federal Legislation Concerning Employer and Employee Engaged in Interstate and Foreign Commerce.
The Evolution of the American Law of Constitutional Limitations: Annual Address.
Human Behaviour and Traffic Networks
The Progressive Capacity of Unwritten Law: An Introductory Address Delivered Before the Law Department of the University of Pennsylvania, October 1st, 1886.
Lectures on the Principles of Local Government: Delivered at the London School of Economics, Lent Term 1897.
French Botany in the Enlightenment: The Ill-fated Voyages of La Perouse and His Rescuers
Antient [I.E. Ancient] Parliamentary Elections: A History Showing How Parliaments Were Constituted and Representatives of the People Elected in Antient Times.
A Dialogue on the Best Form of Government.
An Epitome of Leading Cases in Equity: Founded on White and Tudor's Selection.
Honeybees of Africa
Challenges for Quality of Life in the Contemporary World: Advances in quality-of-life studies, theory and research
Rough Set Theory and Granular Computing
Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2002
Uniform Laws: A Needed Protection to and Stimulus of Interstate Investment.
Delle Forme Primitive Della Responsabilita
Procedure of the Boston Juvenile Court.
Anno XXII. Henrici VIII. Statuta Bonum Publicum Concernentia Edita in Parliamento Tento Apud Vvestm. XVI. Die Ianuarii, Agno [sic] Regni Praepote[n]tissimi (1575)
The Antidotharius in the Whiche Thou Mayst Lerne Howe Thou Shalt Make Many and Dyuers Noble Plaesters, Salues, Oyntementes, Powders, Bawmes, Oyles, and Wounde Drynkes (1556)
Chutzpah Marketing: Simple Low Cost Secrets to Building Your Business Fortune
A True Relation of Theg Round, Occasion, and Circumstances, of That Horrible Murther Committed by Iohn Bartram, Gent. Vpon the Body of Sir Iohn Tyndal of Lincolns Inne, Knight (1616)
A Treatise on the Law and Practice Relating to Letters Patent for Inventions.
Nosce Teipsum This Oracle Expounded in Tvvo Elegies 1. of Humane Knowledge. 2. of the Soule of Man, and the Immortality Thereof. Written by Sir Iohn Dauis (1619)
Contemplations on Mortality Wherein the Terrors of Death Are Laid Open for a Warning to Sinners, and the Joys of Communion with Christ for Comfort to Believers / By Samuel Lee. (1698)
The Maid's Tragedy as It Hath Been Divers Times Acted at the Black-Friers, by the Kings Majesties Servants / Written by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher. (1650)
A Direction for the Government of the Tongue According to Gods Word (1632)
A Treatise, Touching the Libertie of a Christian. Written in Latin by Doctor Martine Luther. and Translated Into English by Iames Bell (1579)
Apomaxis Calumniarum, Convitiorumque, Quibus Ioannes Cocleus Homo Theologus Exiguus Artiu[m] Professor, Scurra Procax, Henrici Octaui, Serenissimi Regis Angliae Famam Impetere (1537)
1573. an Almanacke and Prognostication For. XXXIIII. Yeres ... Gathered by ... Philip More ... (1573)
Ad Lectorem. Gemma Fabri Qua Sacri Biblij Margaritae, Non Sigillatim, sed Summatim Fere Omnes Continentur, Methodo Analytica, Versu Alphabetico (1598)
Certayne Causes Gathered Together, Wherin Is Shewed the Decaye of England Onely by the Great Multytude of Shepe, to the Vtter Decay of Housholde Keping Mayntenaunce of Men (1552)
The Infallible True and Assured Vvitch: Or, the Second Edition, of the Tryall of Witch-Craft Shewing the Right and True Methode of the Discouerie: With a Confutation of Erroneous Vvayes (1624)
Electrohydrodynamics in Dusty and Dirty Plasmas: Gravito-Electrodynamics and EHD
Discourses of Vvarre and Single Combat, Translated Out of French by I. Eliot (1591)
Advances in Decision Analysis
Paradise Postponed: Johann Heinrich Alsted and the Birth of Calvinist Millenarianism
Contingency and Freedom: Lectura I 39
Botanophilia in Eighteenth-Century France: The Spirit of the Enlightenment
Eduard Gans and the Hegelian Philosophy of Law
Critical Point Theory and Hamiltonian Systems
Matched Asymptotic Expansions: Ideas and Techniques
Probability Approximations via the Poisson Clumping Heuristic
Invariants of Homology 3-Spheres
Elementary Probability Theory: With Stochastic Processes and an Introduction to Mathematical Finance
The Physics of Musical Instruments
Spin Glasses: A Challenge for Mathematicians: Cavity and Mean Field Models
Food Quality and Consumer Value: Delivering Food that Satisfies
Disorder and Order in Strongly Nonstoichiometric Compounds: Transition Metal Carbides, Nitrides and Oxides
Laser Ablation and its Applications
Discrepancy of Signed Measures and Polynomial Approximation
Suicide Science: Expanding the Boundaries
The Routledge Handbook of Urban Ecology
The Diplomatic History of Postwar Japan
A Treatise on American Business Law. Volume One, Sales, Negotiable Instruments.
Lush's Practice of the Superior Courts of Law at Westminster: In Actions and Proceedings Over Which They Have a Common Jurisdiction. Volume 2 of 2
Fallen Angels: Balthasar Bekker, Spirit Belief, and Confessionalism in the Seventeenth Century Dutch Republic
The Books of Nature and Scripture: Recent Essays on Natural Philosophy, Theology and Biblical Criticism in the Netherlands of Spinoza's Time and the British Isles of Newton's Time
Treatise on the Human Mind (1666)
Likelihood, Bayesian, and MCMC Methods in Quantitative Genetics
Millenarianism and Messianism in Early Modern European Culture: Volume I: Jewish Messianism in the Early Modern World
Modernity and the Final Aim of History: The Debate over Judaism from Kant to the Young Hegelians
Models of the History of Philosophy: From its Origins in the Renaissance to the `Historia Philosophica'
The Vvorkes of Mercy, Both Corporall, and Spirituall (1621)
Yet More Vvorke for a Masse-Priest (1622)
A Briefe Discourse of the Spanish State Vvith a Dialogue Annexed Intituled Philobasilis. (1590)
The Leading State Trials in Ireland: From the Year 1794 to 1803: With Introduction, Notes, &C..
Manual of the Agricultural Holdings (Scotland) ACT, 1883: With Explanatory Notes, Forms, Tables, &C. &C..
The Goodrich Horror: Being the Full Confession of Kate Stoddart, or Lizzie King: Why She Killed Charles Goodrich, Showing a Deserted Woman's Vengeance ...
A Summary of the Principles of the Law Relating to the Formation of Simple Contracts: And to the Rights and Obligations Attaching Thereto.
A Plain Exposition of the Irish Land Act of 1881.
United Kingdom Health Statistics (2009 Edition) UKHS 4
Solicitors Remuneration ACT, 1881: The Schedule of Fees in Conveyancing Matters: With an Appendix of Ad Valorem Stamp Duties, and Explanatory Notes, Examples, and an Index.
The Law of Building, Engineering, and Ship Building Contracts: And of the Duties and Liabilities of Engineers, Architects, Surveyors, and Valuers: With Precedents and Reports of Cases. Volume 2 of 2
A Treatise on the Law of Injunctions: As Administered in the Courts of the United States and England.
Manual of Medical Jurisprudence, Toxicology and Public Health.
Manual of Collections of Treaties and of Collections Relating to Treaties.
Cases in Equity Pleading: With Summaries of Doctrine Upon Several Heads of That Subject.
The Laws of Insurance: Fire, Life, Accident, and Guarantee: Embodying Cases in the English, Scotch, Irish, American, Australian, and Canadian Courts.
Institutions in the Lawes of Englande Cum Priuilegio. (1538)
The Whole Booke of Psalmes. Collected Into English Meeter, by Tho. Sternhold, Iohn Hopkins and Others. Conferred with the Hebrew with Apt Notes to Sing Them Withall (1636)
Enarratio in Deuteronomium Continens Singulorum Capitum Breuem Summam Et Concinnam Dispositionum: Reuerendo AC Doctissimo Viro Domino Ioanne Machabaeo Alpinati, Sanctae Memoriae, Professore (1563)
Geometry I: Basic Ideas and Concepts of Differential Geometry
Kotser Codicis R. Vvakfeldi, Quo Praeter Ecclesiae Sacrosanctae Decretum, Probatur Coniugium Cum Fratria Carnaliter Cognita, Illicitum Omnin, Inhibitum, Interdictumque Effetum Naturae Iure (1533)
Modern Astrometry
Fractals and Scaling in Finance: Discontinuity, Concentration, Risk. Selecta Volume E
Soliton Theory and Its Applications
Principles of Computer Graphics: Theory and Practice Using OpenGL and Maya (R)
Biorelated Polymers: Sustainable Polymer Science and Technology
Law of Leases.
Forced Migration and Mental Health: Rethinking the Care of Refugees and Displaced Persons
Probate Law. Volume 2 of 2
Real Estate and Conveyancing in Pennsylvania: With Forms, and Decisions to Date.
An Armor of Proofe Brought from the Tower of Dauid, to Fight Against Spannyardes, and All Enimies of the Trueth, by R.C. (1596)
The Law Relating to Motor Cars.
A Briefe Discouery of the Damages That Happen to This Realme by Disordered and Vnlawfull Diet the Benefites and Commodities That Otherwaies Might Ensue. (1590)
Practice and Procedure in Minnesota. Volume 2 of 2
A New Almanacke and Prognostication for the Yere of Our Sauiour Christ. M.D.LXVIII Being the Yere Since the Creation of the Worlde. 5530. (1568)
An New Enterlude of Impacient Pouerte Newly Imprynted. Foure Men May Well and Easely Playe It. Peace, Coll Hassarde and Concience for One Man. (1561)
A Briefe Discourse Against the Outvvarde Apparell and Ministring Garmentes of the Popishe Church (1578)
Applied Geography: A World Perspective
Towards Sustainable Building
Remarks Upon the Rights and Duties of Jurymen in Trials for Libel: In a Letter Addressed to Jeremy Bentham, Esq.
Constraint Databases
Congruences for L-Functions
Reliability and Safety Assessment of Dynamic Process Systems
Mathematics Past and Present Fourier Integral Operators
Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Theory and Practice
Many-Valued Logics 1: Theoretical Foundations
The Sociology of Philosophical Knowledge
The Six Clerks in Chancery: Their Successors in Office and the Houses They Lived In: A Reminiscence.
The Scottish Justices' Manual.
The Law Relating to the Property of Married Persons: With an Appendix of Statutes and Notes.
A Manual of Times of Procedure in Chancery: Embracing, Chiefly, the Provisions of the General Rules and Orders of the Court.
An Introduction to the Principles of Equity / By Joseph A. Shearwood; Assisted by Clement Smiles Moore.
Provisions of the Several Local Acts Regulating the Police of the City of Edinburgh: Classified and Arranged: With Comparative Table, Arrangement of Sections, Explanatory Notes, and Index.
The Law of Landlord and Tenant in Ireland.
Taxation of Intangible Personal Property.
On the Best Manner of Making Use of the Services of Experts in the Conduct of Judicial Inquiries.
A Discourse Commemorative of the Hon. Daniel Webster: Preached October 31, 1852 in the Reformed Dutch Church, Utica.
Some of the Conditions of a Lawyer's Success: An Address ... Before the Law Academy of Philadelphia, May 28, 1901.
A Charge Delivered to the Grand Jury at the Epiphany Quarter Sessions, 1854, for the Borough of Kingston-Upon-Hull.
Address: Delivered Before the New York Historical Society at the Academy of Music, May 8th, 1877.
Some Requirements for Admission to the Bar Considered Apart from Educational Standards.
Daniel Webster, the Orator: An Address Delivered Before the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences and the New England Society of Brooklyn.
The Responsive Answer in Equity Considered as Evidence for the Defendant: An Address Read Before the Pennsylvania Bar Association at Its Annual Meeting at Cape May, Wednesday, June 29, 1904.
A Manual of Elementary Law: Being a Summary of the Well-Settled Elementary Principles of American Law.
Introductory Lessons on the British Constitution
A Treatise Upon the Estate and Rights of the Corporation of the City of New York, as Proprietors.
A Practical Treatise on Pleading, and on the Parties to Actions, and the Forms of Actions. Volume 2 of 2
A Concise View of the Law of Landlord and Tenant: Including the Practice in Ejectment / By Joseph Haworth Redman and George Edward Lyon.
Argument of Richard H. Dana, Jr., Esq.: For the Holders of Bonds in the Boston, Hartford and Erie Railroad, Before the Committee on Railroads, April, 14, 1870.
Compendium of Evidence.
A Treatise on the Law Relating to Insurance: In Three Parts ...
Remarks on General Wm. Hull's Memoirs of the Campaign of the Northwestern Army, 1812.
An Enquiry Into the Nature, Necessity, and Evidence of Christian Faith. by J.C. (1696)
A Short Introduction of Grammar Compiled and Set Forth for the Bringing Up of All Those That Intend to Attain to the Knowledge of the Latin Tongue. (1699)
Law and Lawyers, Or, Sketches and Illustrations of Legal History and Biography Volume 2 of 2
A Revision of the Treaty: Being a Sequel to the Economic Consequences of the Peace.
Capitula Siue Constitutiones Ecclesiasticae Per Archiepiscopum, Episcopos, Reliquum Clerum Cantuariensis Prouinciae in Synodo Inchoata Londini Vicesimo Quinto Die Mensis Octobris (1599)
Here Begynneth a Contemplacyon or Medytacyon of the Shedynge of the Blood of Our Lorde Ihesu Cryste at Seuen Tymes (1500)
Adam Bell, CLIM of the Clough, and William of Cloudesle (1683)
Editio Roberti Whitintoni Lichfeldiensis Grmmatices Magistri Et Protouatis Anglie in Florentissima Oxoniensi Academia Laureati Declinationes Nominum Tam Latinorum Que Grecorum Patronymicorum (1519)
Conveyancing in Pennsylvania: With Forms, and Decisions to Date.
Trends in European Forest Tree Physiology Research: Cost Action E6: EUROSILVA
The Law of Land-Ownership in Scotland: A Treatise on the Rights and Burdens Incident to the Ownership of Lands and Other Heritages in Scotland.
People and Forest - Policy and Local Reality in Southeast Asia, the Russian Far East, and Japan
Biological Imaging and Sensing
Angular Momentum Techniques in Quantum Mechanics
Neurodegenerative Disorders: Loss of Function Through Gain of Function
Mechanisms and Deployment of Resistance in Trees to Insects
Maximum Penalized Likelihood Estimation: Volume I: Density Estimation
International Handbook of Higher Education: Part One: Global Themes and Contemporary Challenges, Part Two: Regions and Countries
Effective Field Theories in Flavour Physics
Algae and their Biotechnological Potential
Animal Bodies, Human Minds: Ape, Dolphin, and Parrot Language Skills
The Brain Without Oxygen: Causes of Failure-Physiological and Molecular Mechanisms for Survival
The Country-Attorney's Practice in Conducting Actions in the Superior Courts of Law at Westminster: With an Appendix of Forms and Bills of Costs.
Hortensius, Or, the Advocate: An Historical Essay.
The Administration of Justice in Illinois: An Address Delivered Before the Illinois State Bar Association, at Peoria, Illinois, June 24, 1909.
A Manual of Conveyancing: In the Form of Examinations Embracing Both Personal and Heritable Rights: With Notes Added to the Second Edition by John T. Mowbray.
Do Courts Make Laws, and Should Precedents Command the Obedience of Lower Courts?
Briefs of the Counsel for the New York Cigar Manufacturers

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