I’m a writer, poet, and clumsy composer of music struggling to share the fire of her heart with the world. I believe pain is our greatest teacher, and God doesn’t waste it. While we should learn from it, we should never carry it longer than the lesson requires.

To push back against conformity’s lies that we all have it together, I embrace authenticity to share my broken journey. In discovering my own deepest longings to break free and fly above the quiet desperation, I hope you’ll indulge me in reading my story of God’s work in my life – and maybe share your own adventure with me!

If my fragmented life can reflect just a facet of God’s love for a broken world as I bring it back into harmony with Him, then I have accomplished my purpose. Thank you for joining me in the Refiner’s fire and the Potter’s wheel as He makes something new. It’s time to focus forward with each failing… for that is the only way we grow.